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Welcome to Hurston!

Hurston is a hot, arid planet that orbits closest to the star in the Stanton system. It is home to its namesake, Hurston Dynamics, an aristocratic family-run weapons manufacturer which since their purchase of the planet in 2865 has bled it dry. Unrestricted industry and mining, especially of antimatter precursor, have heavily polluted the atmosphere of the planet since the company took possession. The planet's ecosphere has been largely destroyed in just 50 years. Almost all indigenous life has been killed by the mining and manufacturing processes performed here.

Welcome to microTech!

The fourth and farthest planet from the sun in the Stanton system, microTech is the home of microTech corporation, a manufacturer of a variety of electronics, digital displays, software, and computers, including the mobiGlas wearable computer.

Located at the outer edge of the system's habitable zone, microTech is a terraformed planet with breathable air. However, due to an error during the terraforming process cloud production became unusually dense, resulting in a mostly frozen surface, with temperatures dropping below -100 °C. Most of microTech is covered in mountains and ice sheets and subject to strong blizzards and ice storms, but multiple temperate tundra zones exist in areas associated with deep geothermal activity. For those willing to face the elements, microTech offers a vast world to explore!

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Hand (First-Person) Mining
Ground Vehicle Mining (ROC/ROC DS)
Small Ship Mining (Prospector)
Medium Ship Mining (MOLE)
Large Ship Mining (undefined)
Capital Ship Mining (Orion)


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