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[Release: 3.21.1-LIVE Rel.1 - Updated: 2953-11.25]
[Latest Update: Surveyed route options for the Jump Point Gateway stations]

Table of Contents:
System-Wide Route Plotting (new method)
A Journey Through the Aaron Halo
3D Interactive System Model With Routes
Refinery Route Chart Example
Refinery Route Charts
 (old method)
Mining Routes for the Jump Point Gateway Stations


NOTE: The Refinery Route Charts have been replaced with the System-Wide Route Plotting method, which will guide you into the belt along any route that crosses the belt. 

The Aaron Halo is an asteroid belt within the Stanton system, located between the orbits of Crusader and ArcCorp, that is considered one of the most valuable mining areas in Stanton. More and more details have been revealed about the Aaron Halo during the last one and a half year. We have gone from mostly knowing the positions of the inner and outer borders of the halo along a couple of routes, to learning more about its structure and that it is made up of separate bands.

Now, more details than ever before have been unveiled about the Aaron Halo.

Aaron Halo Density Chart3

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