Aleena's visual guide to Reclaimer operations

Hull Stripping

The turret access for hull stripping is the left and right consoles on the bridge. You must turn the consoles on before use; the power switch is at the top right for the port console (as pictured) and at the top left for the starboard console.

Once the console is powered on, you can access the remote turret interface using the control "Enter Remote Turret" at the bottom of the console.

Once you are in the turret, the display on the left will indicate some information about your available tools. This information will differ depending on how your captain has configured their Reclaimer. In this case, I have a tractor beam installed as my first tool and an Abrade Scraper Module installed as my second tool. Press the Right Mouse Button to switch between active tools, and press Left Mouse Button to activate or deactivate a tool. Your active tool will be highlighted; in this example, my Abrade Scraper Module is selected.

The information on the right is status information specific to the tool you are using. In this example, my beam is targeting an area with 30% hull remaining to be scraped off; I'm drawing material in at 0.82 micro SCU per second. The bar with the red, and slightly filled with green, indicates the tool's effective distance. Too close would have the bar filled; too far empites it.

As you scan across the hull with your scraping tool, you will burn hull off until the understructure is exposed. Your beam will automatically collect materials, and this is one way of earning profit!


The seat to the right of the pilot's is THE CLAW. The power switch to turn this station on is on the left side of the seat. Once the seat is powered on, you can press M to deploy THE CLAW.

Just like with the salvage turret, the claw has a couple of tools you can use, and the one selected is highlighted.

Press Right Mouse Button to select an appropriate tool. Press Left Mouse Button to turn the tool on and off. Near the center of the object's center of mass is a status area. To fracture an object it must be:

  • In range (about 100 meters)
  • Not already fractured (soft-deathed ships are considered already fractured)

If the conditions are met, left clicking will activate the fracture tool. Its field mode selection will pulse green, and a circular progress bar will begin to fill at the object's center of mass marker. Once the progress bar fills, the task will be completed and the object will fracture into several pieces.

When you have an object fractured, it's time to beam it into your depot station. Using the disintegration field, you will get a few additional GUI elements. In addition to the circular progress bar around any center of mass icon currently being affected (there can be more than one), you will also have a progress bar on the left, indicating a percentage task completion for all objects currently being disintegrated. Once the progress bars fill, the task will be completed.

Slinging Boxes

Once your depot has been filled, it's time to head to Salvage Processing to empty it out into boxes! The filler stations in salvage processing have UI to allow you to eject the various kinds of materials it has in storage, and allows you to select which box size you'd like the materials put inside of. The Auto Eject check box will instruct the filler station to automatically attempt to eject additional boxes of the selected material until it can no longer completely fill a box.

An additional option at your disposal is the craft menu. It can consume resources from your internal depot storage to manufacture certain things. If you forgot to bring a tractor beam multi tool, this is where you will make yourself a new one.

There are three places on the Reclaimer you can store boxes. The cargo hold, the salvage hold, and you can stack boxes to the ceiling of salvage processing.

PRO-TIP: The Reclaimer's elevator is not considered as being on board the Reclaimer. Do not move boxes on or off the elevator while the Reclaimer is in motion.

An example of box stacking:

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