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1. Introduction
Like many committed Star Citizen backers, and with the aim of increased immersion, I’ve gradually made the transition from keyboard and mouse to dual sticks (HOSAS) to HOSAS plus pedals. In the process of doing so, I’ve made extensive use of the excellent guides and Star Citizen keybinding Control Profiles provided by such people as BuzZzKiller and, more recently, Johnathan Winters who provided the inspiration for adding pedals to my HOSAS setup. Credit to both for imparting their knowledge of the intricacies of keybindings and multi-input setups in Star Citizen. I would also like to thank RedLir in particular for his Joystick Gremlin videos which have proved invaluable. This guide could not have been written without watching the videos and articles which these individuals, and others, have posted on YouTube.

I have written this guide as a source document for Cornerstone members, or anyone else for that matter, who wants to take more control of their keybindings and avoid the oft-times frustrating area of game configuration.

I don’t yet have a throttle, but this article could equally be adapted to a HOSAS setup which also includes a throttle, or a HOSAT configuration. Although written for Virpil Constellation Alpha sticks, the principles are also equally applicable to other joystick manufacturers (although this hasn’t been tested!).

Star Citizen is by no means a well optimized game, with top end GPUs and CPUs often struggling to have framerates above the “standard” of 60FPS minimum, it can be a confusing thing to see the in game graphics settings not having a large impact on your performance. Due to this, I have scoured through various means and resources to help improve your framerate for a more enjoyable experience and this article will show you how to do it!

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