Cornerstone Lore




The darkness of space. 

We had all made our peace with it.

We had been floating around now for the best part of two years. Station to station. Not sure the captains and I can eat anymore burritos and my insides are rotting away from the amount of Fizz I’ve been drinking.

What we really needed was a home. But, at each colony, outpost, or station, we were disappointed that none seemed like our destination.

We decided that finding a home wasn’t simply going to happen.

Rather, we had to take charge of our destiny.

So, instead, we’ve set out to build that new home...




The universe was changing and with it came hope. New opportunities, new discoveries, new horizons.

Our mission was simple, lay the foundations for a new home. A home that fosters inclusivity, where every captain is the sole guardian of their fate. Where trust is our true currency.

You are the captain of your ship. You are directly responsible for, and are the final authority with respect to, the operation of your ship and the safety of your crew, your passengers, and your cargo. As captain, your burdens and liabilities are significant and can sometimes seem overwhelming. Our goal is to help ease some of the hardship by working together.

We offer support and guidance. We freely share our knowledge and experience so that we may all benefit from our collective efforts.

We are a society built on diversity, understanding, and cooperation.

After many years, the first brick was laid; Cornerstone was born. 




Cornerstone was founded as an organization for decency and progress, a place where anyone from anywhere can thrive, no matter what their interest or profession may be. 

Our mission is to explore the unexplored and gather knowledge and understanding of the universe, its people, and the atoms that make up any living and non living entity that resides here.

We are inquisitive and scientific in nature but respect all philosophies.

So here we are, standing at the edge of a new beginning. We offer refuge for anyone who wants to make the universe a better place.



Welcome to Cornerstone.