Cornerstone Code of Conduct


  1. We are all here to play a game to relax, immerse ourselves in the Star Citizen ‘verse, and enjoy the camaraderie of our fellow members.
  2. Cornerstone is a diverse group from across the globe who welcome all individuals as members regardless of race, gender, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, or worldview.
  3. Respect flows two ways and we welcome differing opinions on all subjects as long as the focus is on constructive rational discourse while attempting to form an understanding of each other's perspectives. Edgy, cancerous, childish, contradictory, or toxic commentary/behavior will not be tolerated. As a group we are supportive, inclusive, open-minded, and actively avoid creating division.
  4. Cornerstone generally aligns with the local lawful element with respect to player-to-player interactions (phrasing here was intentional to potentially open piracy/privateer gameplay for future PvE content). Consensual and non-predatory* PvP is permitted.
  5. Memes/Videos/Images can be shared if in good taste. Please be mindful that we are home to all age groups.
  6. Try to be aware of your actions and how they may reflect upon the reputation of Cornerstone.
  7. You can always bring any concerns or issues to any of the Keystone Council Members to address. Our collective goal is to create a safe, inclusive, and respectful space for everybody to enjoy.
  8. Cornerstone expects fair and generous treatment of one another at all times. This is demonstrated by helping new players when possible and accepting feedback with an open mind. Griefing, trolling, doxing, using third party software to gain unfair advantage and exploiting bugs will never be tolerated. Cornerstone members are expected to show good sportsmanship toward all players.
  9. Cornerstone leadership reserves the right and discretion to address adverse player behavior at any time as the situation dictates. Players observed acting against this CoC (Code of Conduct) will be warned on first offense, suspension for a repeat offense, and finally a ban.
  10. Your speech and actions in online communities inform others about you as a person. This community will hold all members accountable for speech and actions which violate the CoC or are in any way disruptive to Cornerstone as a whole or to individuals operating on any Cornerstone platform.
    * - Please ask a member of Keystone Council if you would like further clarification.