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Hello, everyone!


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    Welcome to the Quarry, Cornerstone's organizational newsletter.  Here is where we'll be publishing information we hope you find relevant to your experience within the 'verse and, specifically, with the happenings in Cornerstone.  Our intent is to publish monthly, but that may be adjusted according to events in the 'verse.  (You never know when a special edition may be needed...  Extra, extra, read all about it!)

   With each issue, we plan to bring you information about Cornerstone, people, lore, schedules, and special events. We'll also be running at least one feature that covers ships, vehicles, or locations throughout the 'verse, with the subject focused on how it relates to our shared experience in Cornerstone.

   We'd also like to hear back from you!  If you'd like to leave feedback, request coverage of a specific topic, or contribute to our content, please let us know! We hope you're as excited about this as we are, so please dive in and take a look at what the Quarry has to offer...


 This month's topics:

Cornerstone Weekly Event Schedule
King's Corner - Interviews

Are you excited for IAE 2951?

Red's Hang'r - Starter Ships
Personnel Profile #837 - Violet M. Jackson


Cornerstone Weekly Event Schedule

   3.15 is getting close to release and we're happy to announce that the schedule for our weekly activities has been finalized! If you have any questions or would like to propose any events for the weekends then please get in touch. We have some very specific missions coming up soon! Make sure to check out the calendar section on our website and subscribe to the iCal if you want to stay up to date.

Monday - Mining Mondays
Sponsor - 2Echo
Mondays will mostly be for any industrial related activities and will involved multi pillar gameplay. We just
called it Mining Mondays cos it sounded better!

Tuesday - Potato Tuesdays
Sponsor - Lord Inquisitor
Dooks infamous Tuesday event returns. To those of you who arent aware, this is a PVP internal org event to help us all
improve at dogfighting. It gives you an opportunity to talk your dog fighting through and see where you were going wrong
or If youre Dook, you can just blow us all up for fun!!

Wednesday - Expedition and Analysis
Sponsor - Cowl and Captain Shephard
Wednesdays will be for exploration and analysis. Ground expeditions are among things on the menu. If we do discover
certain locations, harvestables or objects along the way then we shall pause for study and FOR SCIENCE!

Thursday - [PH]
Placeholder for Trading/Hauling (if working in 3.15)

Friday - FPS Fridays
Sponsor - Lord Inquisitor
Bunker Missions, Breach and Clear, Sniper practice, Move and Cover, PEW PEW, Bang Bang

Saturday - Adhoc Events
Custom Events

Sunday - Adhoc Events
Custom Events



King's Corner

   With his recently introduced podcast, King Dimitrius (Dimi) spends some time getting to know Lord Inquisitor (EP1) and Delori (EP2). Get to know those great members of Cornerstone by listening along to their engaging conversations. Use this LINK (King's Corner) or log into the Cornerstone website and find King's Corner under the Media tab.


W00t!  Time to get excited, everyone!

50683602231 af00e8dd5c oIAE 2950 Best in Show

   The countdown has begun as Roberts Space Industries and Cloud Imperium Games have announced this year’s Intergalactic Aerospace Exposition, IAE 2951.

   As in past years, we’re expecting to see the announcement of new ships by various manufacturers.  No spoilers, here, though, in case you want to be surprised.

   Day 1 of the Expo starts on Friday, November 19th, and runs thirteen days, through Wednesday, December 1st.

   The Expo manufacturer’s exhibit schedule has also been announced, as follows:

Day 1      Friday, Nov. 19th      Anvil Aerospace
Day 2   Saturday, Nov. 20th   Roberts Space Industries (RSI)
Day 3   Sunday, Nov. 21st   Aegis Dynamics
Day 4   Monday, Nov. 22nd   AopoA, Banu Souli, Esperia Inc, and Gatac Manufacture
Day 5   Tuesday, Nov. 23rd   Crusader Industries and Tumbril
Day 6   Wednesday, Nov. 24th   Origin Jumpworks
Day 7   Thursday, Nov. 25th   ARGO Astronautics, Greycat Industrial, Consolidated Outland, Kruger Intergalactic
Day 8   Friday, Nov. 26th   Drake Interplanetary
Day 9   Saturday, Nov. 27th   Musashi Industrial and Starflight Concern (MISC)
Day 10   Sunday, Nov. 28th   Best In Show and Weapons & Armor
Day 11 - 13   Monday, Nov. 29th 
Wednesday, Dec. 1st
  Expo Finale

   If you’ve not previously attended the IAE, this is your chance to take a close-up look at all of the ships available in-game, within an environmentally-controlled exhibit hall.  Unfortunately, the convention center on Orison is not yet ready, so this year’s Expo will be returning to New Babbage, on microTech.  Once you’ve arrived at New Babbage, simply head to the nearest maglev station and look for the signs directing you to the Expo Hall. For those of you who’re in a hurry, don’t forget that food and drink are also available inside the Expo Hall.

   On each day of the Expo, save for a select few, the ships on exhibit will also be available for free rental, allowing you to test fly the ships that strike your fancy.  Note that, in the past, the rental period was limited, so be sure to check out the various offerings each day of the Expo.

   You’ll also find that, here at Cornerstone, we tend to group up for events like IAE, and often visit the manufacturer’s exhibits together; don’t be afraid to jump into Discord and ask for a group invite, and party launch with your friends for a look at these fantastic ships.

   For those of you who choose to try out the free rentals, we also often group-up either around New Babbage or Port Tressler, to put the ships through their paces.  So, don’t be a stranger!

    Also, for those who haven’t yet experienced the Expo, or haven’t experienced it in a while, as new manufacturers are brought into the exhibit hall each day, those same ships will be put on-sale through the RSI Pledge Store.  Except for ships where there’s a limit on the number of hulls available, ships will generally remain on-sale through the end of the Expo.  This is one of two opportunities throughout the year to buy those special ships that aren’t part of the typical Pledge Store offerings, so save your pennies and plan for some fun!

   Do keep in mind that RSI also runs a free-fly event during the Expo, meaning there will likely be many more players on the servers than usual.  Because of the pending implementation of Alpha 3.15, you may want to consider joining up with your favorite medic(s) if you plan to engage in any jousting. We hope you noticed the Best In Show exhibit on Day 10.  The ships offered as Best In Show will be the top four ships from this year’s Ship Showdown.  Each of the Best In Show ships will be available through the Pledge Store with a unique custom livery, available only for a limited time, through the end of the Expo.  Be sure to check-out these eye-catching paints, and be ready to invest in the best! For more information on the Expo, be sure to visit the RSI site, or join the Cornerstone Discord server and chat with folks who’ve attended the Expo in previous years. We look forward to seeing all of you at IAE 2951!



Red’s hang'r – Starter ships

   Welcome, y’all, ta Red’s Hang’r!  Call me Red.  That’s short fer Redneck Mech.  We’re here to talk ‘bout ships.  All kin’a ships.  Ships in service, ships on the drawin’ board, even ships that were put ta pasture.  Workin’ ships an’ fightin’ ships, an’ all kin’a ships in a ’tween.  We’ll talk ‘bout ship mana-facturs, and ship models, and we’ll even talk ‘bout yer ‘you-neek’ ships, them ships with custom motors and what-not.  Here in Red’s Hang’r, we’re all ‘bout ships!

   Now, if’n ya wanna talk ‘bout trucks an’ buggies, an’ such, well… we might talk ‘bout how ta fit ‘em in ships an’ haul ‘em with ships, but that’s ‘bout as far as we go.  Unless we try droppin’ ‘em out the cargo ramp in flight.  😉  (Hope ya packed a ‘chute with it!)  Any-who, you have ta go find that there ‘Shade Tree Meh-kanic’ ta talk ‘bout that sort thang.

   If yer still wit’ me, grab yerself a ree-freshin’ bev’erge, pull up a stool, an’ sit a spell.  We gots lots ta’ talk ‘bout.

   B’fore we go too far, we’re just here ta have fun!  Don’t go takin’ thangs too ser’ous-like.

   Fun.  That’s all ‘tis…  good ol’ fun!

   Since we ain’t never op’n a doors b’fore on Red’s Hang’r, we thought it might be smart ta start at the bee-ginnin’.  We’re talkin’ Starter Ships.

   That’s right…  Ya’ve been hangin’ out in the ‘verse fer a while, now, an’ ya know a few thangs ‘bout ships.  Buuu-uut, ya got a buddy who’s in’erested in joinin’ ya.  Well, we’re here ta give ya some poin’ers on what kin’a ship ya might wanna recommend…

   Now, if they ain’t never played b’fore, yer buddy’s gonna need a Starter Pack.  That’s ‘cause it’s only the starter packs that have the game with ‘em.  Don’t tell yer buddy to go buy an Idris and come join ya in the ‘verse without a starter pack.  Oth’rwise they’s gonna be cross with ya, an’ they just might throw one a them monkey wrenches in yer port-side motor.  Then ain’t nobody goin’ flyin’ at that point.

   Know what I mean?

   Right.  So…  starter packs…  Now…  Ya tell yer buddy ta open the RSI site an’ head over to the Pledge Store.  Tell ‘em ta take a look at the offerin’s.  There’s more ships there than a stick can be shook at.  So, where’s yer buddy gonna go?  Tell ‘em ta go t’ the part fer Starter Packages.  When the men-you shows up, there’s all kin’a ships fer sale with all sorta differ’nces.   That’s what we’re here ta talk ‘bout t’day.

   Okay, now…  There’s lot ta choose from…  Y’all have the followin’…

   Ayy-rora MR Starter Pack an’ the Mus-tang Alpha Starter Pack.  These first two packs’re the cheap ‘n easy in.  But, they in-clude only the ship, a little bit a startin’ creds, an’ the game down-load.  That’s great!  Nuthin’ like the easy in.

   An’…  long as yer buddy plays ‘long side ya, pro’ly either ship would do.  But, both’re a bit short-sighted.  Ya see, when ya log out an’ yer buddy wants ta keep playin’, they’s gonna be a touch f’ustrated when they c’n only go out an’ shoot thangs.  Sometimes ya wanna go try some a the other stuff in game.

   Maybe scout a bit.  Go take a spell in them caverns, maybe do a little hand minin’.  Err, maybe haul some boxes fer a few credits.  There’s all kin’a stuff t’ do without bein’ stuck inna fighter.  Well, that’s where ol’ Red says scroll on down a little fa’ther, an’ check out that fancy Ayy-venger Titan Starter Pack. 

 Reds Hangr 001 001



    Yeah, it cost a little more than the Ayy-rora MR or the Mus-tang Alpha, but it’s not a bad deal.  If yer buddy buys that Mus-tang starter and then decides they wanna go run some boxes, there ain’t no room fer ‘em in the ‘Stang.  Ain’t no room in that ‘Rora, neither.  Orrr, what if ya crash yer ship on the back side a Lyria, an’ all ya have is yer buddy’s ‘Stang?  Only wunna y’all’s gettin’ off that rock unless y’all have som’n ta call fer he’p.


Reds Hangr 001 002


   But, yer buddy spends a little more fer that sexy li’l Titan, an’ ya gots a way out, ‘cause YOU c’n take a nap in the bunk while yer buddy fly’s yer stranded butt off that there rock.  Know what I mean?  Gots ta be smart ‘bout this stuff.  The ‘verse is tryin’a kill ya, an’ you ‘n yer buddy need ta stick t’gether.


   Here’s a BO-NUS…  That sexy li’l Titan, she packs a wallop, too!  Kin’a like that ‘shine you been eye’n inna corner over yonder.

   Outta the box, the Aurora MR has two gim-balled Size 1 laser repeaters.  Gim-balled means the guns watch which way yer buddy’s lookin’ and points the guns that way, too.  Well, sorta…  And…  It has mounts fer two more fixed Size 1 guns, but them mounts ‘re empty.  Yer buddy’s gotta save them creds to buy more guns.  Everbuddy loves buyin’ more guns, but ya gots ta have the creds ta buy ‘em.  From the git-go, that ‘Rora puts out 672 deeps.  The ‘Rora also has two Size 1 miss’les, ‘cause sometimes ya needs ta throw rocks insteadda slugs.  Not bad, but yer buddy cain’t carry no gro-shries home fer dinner.

 Reds Hangr 001 003


   That there Mustang Alpha ain’t no slouch neither.  It has a pair of Size 2 laser cannons bolted on the front.  Like the ‘Rora, the ‘Stang gots two more mounts, one on each wing, that’ll carry ‘nother Size 1 gun, too.  But, they’re empty, too, unless yer buddy throws down fer more guns.  The ‘Stang, though, she’ll put out 807 deeps.  But, ain’t got no miss’les, though.  Little better than the ‘Rora, but cain’t even carry that Big Swig from the Kel-To’s.  So don’t let yer buddy think he’s gonna go pickin’ up that liter a milk fer the missus.  Ain’t gonna happen.

   The Titan, though!  Wooo-boy, she’s a purty thang!  She has a gim-balled Size 3 ballistic gatling gun on the nose, and a gim-balled Size 2 laser repeater on each wing.  That’s a as-dee-livered load-out.  An’, she’s got four Size 2 miss’les.  Talk ‘bout enn-surance!  The Titan throws down an out-standing six-teen-hunnert…  that’s 1-6-0-0 deeps!



Reds Hangr 001 004


    AAAND!!!  Aaand…  The Titan, she carries a whoppin’ eight Stan’ert Cargo Units worth a cargo!  That’s a-nuff fixin’s ta feed two teen-age boys fer three whole days!

   On top a the guns and butter, that there Titan, she gots some lo-o-o-o-o-ng legs.  The Titan’ll get ya 60 MIL-yun clicks on a single tank a gas.  Now, the ‘Rora, she’ll carry yer lonely butt a whole 64 mil-yun clicks, but, again, yer by yerself, and ya got no vittles.  An’, that ‘Stang… well, yer buddy won’t be goin’ verra far without lookin’ fer the local Cry-astro b’fore he’s even outta ‘at hang’r; she gits only 55 mil-yun clicks per tank.


   So, bang fer yer buddy’s buck, the best low-cost starter package is that sexy little Ayy-venger Titan number. 


Reds Hangr 001 005


   Ye-e-e-eah, buddy!

   A’ight.  That’s it fer right now.  I gots ta git back t’ fixin’ that Runner over yonder.  Som’un done blowed the right wing off it doin’ a belly-flop, an’ it ain’t gonna fix itself.

   Hope y’all had a good time, and we’ll be lookin’ fer ya ‘gain, back here at Red’s Hang’r!

   Safe travels, y’all!



 Personnel Profile #837 - Violet M. Jackson


 Name    Violet M. Jackson Personnel Profile 837 001
Race   Human
Gender   Female
Profession    Engineer
  Association   Rest & Relax Hospitality Company (R&R)
Summary   Violet (“Vi”) is a Conveyance Engineering Supervisor II for the R&R stations throughout the Stanton system.  She will likely be seen on any given station, watching the interactions of station guests with the so-called elevator systems, occasionally observed using her data pad to make adjustments to systems performance.  Notable by her yellow-highlighted armor suit and helmet, anyone who may interact with her will also notice her darker-colored skin and violet-colored eyes.


   Do you want to know more about Vi? Check this reference document submitted by Trinarius outlining his encounter: Personnel Profile #837


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