If you are like me, you approached Star Citizen with no small amount of wonderment and awe.  I have been following this developer since the wild days of Wing Commander (que that awesome launch music sequence).  For me, that was college in the 90s.  Yeah…I am old.  Now that I am in my 50s I look for something else for my much abbreviated game play time.   Enter Star Citizen.  A game that will (eventually) offer each player a unique experience that can be tailored towards whatever playstyle you desire.  PvP…PvE…exploration…piracy…trading…scavenging…there are vast possibilities!   For me, the big draw is mining. 

     SO, I took my first steps into this amazing game last night and thanks to anonymous friend 1 (from Cornerstone and friend 2 (from Hawkes Gaming) I had the most incredible time!!!! All I can say is wow...

     My plan was to follow a video about how to have the perfect start to Star Citizen…Brilliant right? I didn't even make it to 5 minutes of the intro video before we off space spelunking and many, many other tangents.

[NOTE: Work in progress - subject to change]

Name: Kiaran Sheppard
Callsign: CaptSheppard
Born: 2905-03-14, Terra Prime, Terra III, Terra, UEE
Naval Education: MacArthur Officer's Academy, Killian + [Classified]
Term of Service: 2925-2937, UEEN Captain (Ret.)
Profession: Explorer, Analyst

- - -

My family tree has long roots that stretch back to Earth in the Sol system, where our ancestry originates to the nation of Norway. DNA analysis that was done by relatives a few generations back revealed that my family bloodline go all the way back to the age of the Vikings two thousand years ago and to the Viking explorer Leif Eriksson, the first European to set foot on the North American continent around the year 1000. Perhaps this ancient heritage explains why the urge to explore runs so deep in my veins. Knowing of this history have certainly given me motivation and inspiration in my endeavors.


PERSONNEL PROFILE #837, submitted by Trinarius

   So, I was on a relatively routine hop from Lorville to Everus Harbor, the other day. I say relatively because, although it’s a direct flight between the two, and most pilots don’t give it a second thought, I’d been asked to ferry an MPUV-P to the station. Granted, it took only a little longer than twenty-seven minutes from skids-up to touch-down. And, yes, I know I was pushing the engines a little harder than maybe I should have, but, I didn’t overheat anything.

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