A couple of weeks ago, while I stopped by my hab in Orison for a few days to resupply, I got an invite to meet up with an old friend of mine from back on Terra, Sam Lexand. She was in the city and had something of interest to discuss with me, and suggested we could meet at Voyager Bar to share some stories and drinks. A few evenings later, while finding the bottom of Trise Cordial bottle and enjoying the view out on the terrace, Sam told me that she had travelled some routes through the Nyx system lately. She had done some traderuns for Clair Rios, providing goods to the cafe in Levski. During her latest stop there she had been at the Grand Barter Bazaar to do some shopping. There she overheard a conversation between the landing zone operator Eslin Macken and a couple of freight-runners: 

Garthra slipped the memory card into its slot and then closed the lid on the player.

"Hey Vilky, what' our ETA?" He asked.

"About fifty six minutes, chief." Vilky replied from the cockpit.

Fifty six minutes is plenty of time, Garthra thought. He could listen to it once more, this time from the beginning when Dimi and his team first meetup with Scarab.

Maybe he'd hear something he had missed the first six playthroughs...

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