How is mining in 3.23?

         So, I have some initial anecdotal thoughts on mining in 3.23 after making 10 successful runs (about 2-3 lost due to server issues) using a prospector.

  1. It is easier to mine than it used to be. I am using a Hofstede-S1 and a Rieger C-3. I have found that I am more easily able to stay in the green and feathering + beam off/on are quite effective strategies.
  2. Impossible does not mean impossible. I have used a Waveshift and a Sabir gadget. Sabir really makes it doable to crack some impossible rocks. I was able to crack up to a 14k mass. I don’t have enough evidence to say if more is possible.
  3. It is much easier to find minable AND desirable rocks then before. I am hunting exclusively on Celin now due to rock mass size and availability of Quantanium. It’s not Lyria of old BUT I have found way more than in prior updates. Coupled with ready availability of all Tier 1 mats makes it easily to quickly fill and get going. It is very important to reference the Average Mass Index when deciding which planet to mine. Celin is #1 with Mass + Quantanium availability. Clio is good in the Microtech region but I HATE those storms.
  4. Play around with speeds and moving from Quantum Nav versus normal mode to get moving quicker across the landscape. When in V scan mode use 0% until you see a good cluster and then increase the percentages to see how many etc. as you get closer. If something just pops up within 5k of you it’s probably gems. Anything further out is usually mineable rocks. There is a technique to this and you need to practice it to perfection to avoid wasting time.
  5. If you are mining on Celin Cru L1 sucks for bonuses but it is so close that volume can make up for quality. You can waypoint the Ambitious Dream Station directly from Celin. From the station you have to go to crusader and usually 2 Oms before targeting Celin so the return trip is more of a pain. You can optimize results by going elsewhere but it doesn’t make sense with time of travel.
  6. Mole bags still fit on your Prospector. Every miner should endeavor to get them.
  7. Rocks breaks are different and are not good. Most rocks that you can break in your prospector only need one crack and we all know that the real value came from a second crack that could help you minimize scooping up crap. Well…you are getting a huge amount of crap now unless you want to spend unwarranted amounts of time searching. This is the main reason why you need to get Mole bags to maintain profit levels.
  8. You can double up to break big rocks. An impossible rock for one prospector was easily broken by adding a second beam to the mix. I had thought that it was done away with but apparently this is still an effective measure to handle larger rocks.
  9. Server errors are dangerous. If you get one…your whole cargo can disappear (this happened to me twice although both times I had Quantanium in my hold and I was on a countdown). Also, server stability is at an all-time low making the game well neigh unplayable at times.
  10. Gadgets are not only useful, but can be essential IF you want to take the time. Of note is that you should NOT keep your gadget equipped but instead store inside your ship and/or backpack. If not, the gadget gnomes will steal them at random times leaving you without. This happened to me several times before someone informed me that there is a known bug. Also, I was always able to find my gadgets afterwards so keep looking after the crack/scoop. I know it’s not 100% but I’ve been pretty darned lucky so far. That being said they do become “sparky” after a bit. I don’t know if that affects performance.
  11. My first 5 shipments sold for basically 1 mil which is decent but not great. They were refined at Arc L1 for the better bonuses. My two largest bodies of materials (outside of low tier) were Quantanium and Bexaliite. I had lower amounts of Gold and Taranite. My next grouping of 5 made 1.2 Mil Bexalite and Taranite being my largest amounts but I still had a good helping of Quantanium in there. I think that Quantanium accounted for 400k to 500K of both shipments. Also, for shipping 5 loads I needed to use a C2 to make it one haul. I had 190 SCU of materials in my last shipment.
  12. Quantum Travel is all kinds of messed up right now which can make your plans to offload Quantanium quickly dicey…plan accordingly…
  13. Mining is fun again! It may not have the profit levels of salvaging right now (it’s not far off though) but it really is more interesting and entertaining. Besides, who wants to paint walls for a living? AMIRIGHT?!?

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