The journey to Microtech for the Intergalactic Aerospace Expo

.     Good morning, everyone! Rise and shine, it's Foxy here, and I'm eagerly preparing for a captivating journey to Microtech for the highly anticipated IAE Expo. Buckle up because I'll be soaring through the cosmos in pure Origin style aboard my trusty 400i, affectionately named The Stargazer. This marks my inaugural year attending the legendary event, and the excitement is palpable. The prospect of exploring cutting-edge aerospace technology and mingling with fellow enthusiasts has me bubbling with anticipation, excitement, and I can't wait to share every moment with you.

      As I stand by my spacecraft, its sleek lines and polished exterior reflecting the promise of adventure, I'm thrilled to embark on this cosmic odyssey. The Stargazer is fueled up, and all preflight checks are meticulously completed, ensuring a smooth and safe journey. So, fasten your seatbelts, and join me as we lift off into the boundless expanse of space. Let's make memories together at the IAE Expo and revel in the wonders of interstellar exploration. The countdown begins now – let's make this journey unforgettable!

      As the final seconds tick away, signaling the commencement of our adventure, I eagerly prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey beneath the cerulean skies of Terra III with my state-of-the-art 400i spacecraft from Origin Jumpworks. Clad in my flight suit, anticipation filled the air as I ran final diagnostics. The roar of the engines reverberated through the launch pad, signaling our imminent departure. With an elegant and graceful ascent, the 400i soared into the heavens. As I continued the ascent, my enthusiasm surged, propelled by the upcoming Intergalactic Aerospace Expo in Microtech, a showcase of over 100 different ships. Amidst the cosmic panorama, I expertly guided my spacecraft through the expansive void, preparing to highlight its advanced technology and delve into the numerous opportunities awaiting me at the interstellar gathering.

      This grand event, steeped in history and tradition, traced its origins to 2670, a pivotal year when Audrey Timmerman inaugurated her groundbreaking experimental ship, the Poby. The birth of the Poby, amidst a gathering of pilots, inventors, and aerospace aficionados on Castor in the Corel system, marked the genesis of an interstellar tradition that annually unites the brightest minds and most ambitious pioneers in the realm of cosmic innovation and exploration. Initially more of a meet-up for enthusiasts than an expo, it garnered sponsorship from RSI until 2712. However, during the Messer regime, the event was co-opted to serve their political interests, prompting Timmerman's retirement as loyalists were integrated into the committee.

      This period became known as 'The age of Aegis,' marked by Aegis ships dominating the event until the downfall of the Messer regime in 2792. Subsequently, the following 123 years were labeled 'Corporate Expansion,' during which IAE shifted among different planets/systems, aiming for a more commercial approach. Unfortunately, these shifts prioritized profits over innovation, burdening local governments with the expo's costs, resulting in various issues within the corporate environment.

      In 2913, Asura, in Ferron failed to meet the infrastructure standards specified in the IAE contract, leading to a proposal from the Kiel system to permanently host the expo, which was approved in 2916. The event moved to Eri City, experiencing complications in 2941 due to congested airspace, prompting the authorization of smaller satellite expos in other systems in 2948 to alleviate the situation in Kiel. Over the last 283 years, these experiences have shaped the IAE Expo into what it is today. In keeping with tradition, I am eagerly anticipating the innovative advancements and groundbreaking developments showcased in the upcoming event.

      Looking up from my pad, the glowing lights of the Terra jump point station leading into the Stanton system catch my eye. I've been on the move for the past two days, ruminating on the history of IAE and its significance to the UEE. Checking my fuel gauges to ensure I have enough quantum for the jump point, I recall there's a station on the other side where I can refuel before heading to Microtech. With determination, I push the throttle forward, propelling myself into the radiant embrace of the emerald-hued jump gate, a celestial gem in the vast expanse of space. This colossal gateway, shimmering like a beacon against the dark backdrop, calls to me with a mesmerizing allure, promising instantaneous transport to distant cosmic realms. As I traverse the gateway, I'm greeted by a breathtaking palette of blues, purples, whites, and hints of yellow, painting a vibrant tapestry against the obsidian space.

      Traveling through the jump point was surprisingly swift, yet the view was simply stunning, with colors intertwining and colliding to create a breathtaking display. After an hour navigating through this mesmerizing kaleidoscope, the jump points seamlessly brought me to the Terra station in Stanton. Directing my 400i spacecraft towards the station, I promptly contacted the air traffic controller to request permission to land. Assigned to hangar 6, I smoothly guided my craft into the designated space. Upon landing, I quickly got in touch with the air traffic controller to request a refuel. ATC approved the refueling operations, and shortly after, a group of workers and a few drones emerged from the left side of the hangar. Grabbing the fuel hoses, they attached them to the 400i and initiated the refueling process. After approximately 30 minutes, all my gauges indicated that I was refueled and ready to complete my journey.

      I contacted ATC and requested clearance for takeoff. ATC granted approval, and the heavy hangar doors began to open. After checking a few gauges and toggling a few switches, I initiated lift-off, hovering about 10 meters above the ground until the doors were fully open. Gradually pushing the throttle to reverse the large ship, I maneuvered to exit the hangar. Once cleared, ATC wished me safe travels, and the hangar doors started to close. Setting my course for Microteach, I aligned my ship and engaged the quantum drive to continue my journey.

      I'll need two days to reach the Expo, providing ample time for planning and research. Reviewing the schedule, the initial two days will feature a collaborative display of alien ships from Banu, Esperia, Gatac, Vanduul, and Aopoa. I haven’t heard of anything new coming from one of these manufacturers, but we will see what is in store for us. The subsequent two days will be dedicated to Aegis Dynamics, although I'm not anticipating any groundbreaking revelations from them. The third and fourth days promise excitement with showcases from Crusader and Tumbril. Crusader is expected to unveil its new Spirit line, excluding the E1 still in production, while Tumbril introduces a new variant to the Storm. Hailing from my home world Terra III, the Origin lineup, including a rework of the 600i (even though we don’t expect the rework to be finished) will take the spotlight on days four and five.

      Unfortunately, Drake follows on days five and six, showcasing a decline from their promising beginnings to catering to less reputable clientele. Moving forward, days six and seven feature Argo, Consolidated Outland, Grey Cat, and Kruger. Anticipation surrounds Argo's new SRV ship. The reliable Anvil Aerospace takes the stage on days seven and eight as the UEE's workhorse. Following them, days eight and nine showcase Misc and their sister company Mirai. Rounding up the ship manufacturers, RSI presents their new Zeus MK II on days nine and ten. However, the Expo doesn't conclude there, as day ten highlights the 'best in show' paint, along with a weapons and armor showcase. The extra four days provide an opportunity to wrap up the Expo, make final purchases, or take a last flight on any showcased ships.

      From the comfort of my quarters, I hear a faint beep and sense a shift in the frequency of my quantum drives as I approach Microtech's airspace. Returning to the pilot's seat, I set my course. Looking out my window, I'm greeted by the breathtaking sight of a planet blanketed in the purest white snow. This mesmerizing scene fills me with awe, bringing a smile to my face as I guide my ship into the atmosphere. After a few minutes of breaking through the atmosphere, I caught the sight of New Babbage, Microtech’s capital city. Enthralled by the view, I contacted ATC to secure permission for landing. ATC swiftly approves my request and designates landing bay 12.

      Gradually decreasing my descent, I approach the bay, gently lowering my ship. With a soft touch and a slight thud, I receive confirmation from ATC that my landing is complete, and the heavy doors behind me start to close. I toggled a few switches to power down the ship and engines. Opening the door, I step outside and make my way to the spaceport to wrap up paperwork and secure accommodations for the night. Tomorrow promises to be a bustling day, marking the beginning of the IAE Expo. I am looking forward to catching up with everyone bright and early tomorrow morning. Good night, my friends, Foxy out.

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