First Night in Star Citizen

     SO, I took my first steps into this amazing game last night and thanks to anonymous friend 1 (from Cornerstone and friend 2 (from Hawkes Gaming) I had the most incredible time!!!! All I can say is wow...

     My plan was to follow a video about how to have the perfect start to Star Citizen…Brilliant right? I didn't even make it to 5 minutes of the intro video before we off space spelunking and many, many other tangents.

     Four minutes and fifty seconds into this video and perfect start to my Star Citizen experience I get messaged by two guys from the gaming website to see how I am doing and how they can help. Wow! How awesome to get that kind of response and camaraderie! I say sure, show me the ropes. We decide to meet up at a store where they will help me get outfitted for mining and then take me on that tour so I can learn the absolute basics. That lasted, oh say, a couple of minutes before I hear the question “Wanna do something fun?!?” I’m like….uh….yeah…but I do need to learn. “No problem…the place I’ll take you is near a cave for mining!” Well this sounds fantastic so I say yes. We hop into his freaking multimillion dollar luxury spaceship since I don’t know how to fly yet and we embark on a series of jumps across the galaxy. During the flight I get a tour of an amazing ship complete with many levels, storage, a bar, turrets, and I don’t know how many other cool things. 

     But Friend 2 chimes in and says, hey, I want to join, come meet me! So, we go to a space station in the middle of nowhere. I am gawking like an awestruck child at the immense size and complexity of this station as the two chat about things I cannot even comprehend about the game yet. Friend 2 says hop in my ship and let’s go! I am like wait…what? How are we hopping into anything? We are in space on a docking pad?!? Well friend 2 hovers nearby in the void and friend 1 launches himself off the platform into a free spin towards the ship. I guess this is a learn by do moment as I run off the platform in pursuit. As I go spinning out of control into the vastness of space, I realize that I really don’t have a firm grasp of the controls yet. But I manage to spin around like a cartoon character in a race until I land on this ship. It isn’t the luxury liner that I had already become accustomed to…this was a boat with a med bay, a pilot area, and a toilet. I am directed to sit on the toilet (which comes naturally in real life so why should this be any different). We then proceed through a series of jumps and land on what I can only imagine is a copy of Dune.

     So, now I step onto my first planet (or really a moon I think…I don’t know…) And my two friends are laughing about our adventure. Without further ado a host of return of the jedi-ish speeder bikes materialize and they are beckoning me to hop on one! SO, that is exactly what I do. Now we are flying across the surface at breakneck speeds drifting like we are extras on a fast and furious movie and launching ourselves off the many, many dunes that litter the landscape. Weeeeeeeeeeee. This is amazing!!! That is, until friend 1 lands smack into the side of a cliff and blows up! I am like what the hell?!? We are going to die on these things? Apparently so because shortly the rest of us end up dead and respawning on our landed space hospital. So….very….cool. We get dune buggies out next and proceed to do the whole thing over again. I am like, okay, this cannot be a typical start to this game and they just laugh and reminisce about going to jail their first day.

     Speaking of which, they want to get into a more combat oriented training cycle and decide that we must go a-pirating in space. I am all…how about that mining? Sure, sure…but we have to do this first. So, we board our craft and blast through the atmosphere. On approach to a huge satellite friend 1 says alright, shuttle doors are opening, we are going EVA to that satellite. Ummm…, what?!? Well, I guess that is a good thing that I already have that extensive space walking experience from my first leap into this ship! Off we go…out of the ship and through the emptiness…to what appears to be a maintenance entrance to the satellite. Floating through the access corridors we reach a computer terminal inside and I can help feeling that any second now I am going to hear a voice say “I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that.” Some kind of smugglers key gets inserted into the terminal and the process begins. Apparently, this isn’t quite legal as crime stats are added and a systemwide message goes out as to our illicit activities and a call to action made!!! We high tail it out of there before anyone shows up…

    So, it’s back to Dune only now the monitoring systems are disabled…we can do whatever we want and there are no criminal repercussions! Apparently, we are now in Star Citizen…The Purge! They hand me a selection of weapons (rail gun, grenade launcher, sidearm) and we proceed to BLOW…S^%&…Up! Including each other… Let me just say, it is highly satisfying to shoot someone with a rail gun. Friend 1 lands a smaller ship nearby and is spotlighting the action and I get to thinking…I bet that I could jump on that space craft. So, I do…prone out on top and say let’s take this thing into the sky! Weeeeeeee. Oh…I fall through the ship and glide down to the planet… <puff> goes the Wile E. Coyote graphic and my second death happens. The only problem is that I don’t appear in our nice space ambulance but am transported to some seedy den of inequity.

     Now I am truly lost in space. After much laughter my friends head off to come find me and say that this is a good place for me to gear up. Sadly, I am a pauper having just started this game. No worries…they throw cash at me like I am dancing for dollars in Vegas and I gear up with the latest and greatest armor and accessories. Alright…couple hours into the game and I am looking like a bada&^! We head to the nearest seedy bar where I get completely ignored by the bartender. Hey, this IS like real life! No time to waste they say…it’s time to go all in. Why stop now. We are basically smugglers, thieves, hackers, and killers so it’s time to ramp up this situation! Through what I can only say is the most incredible use of extreme piloting and skill we manage to move a tank from one ship ONTO the top of another. That’s right…I said a TANK. Not in the ship…sitting on top. This will never work I say but what the hell. Let’s do this. We take off and the tank remains on top of the ship into space!!! And you can get into the tank and even aim and shoot it. Well…what better thing to do with a spaceship tank combo then go hunt some pirates!!! With this brilliant deduction in hand we man our turrets and head off in search of ne’er-do-wells in need of removal. Find them we do and the fight is on. The cannon is churning out massive firepower. The turrets are blazing. The pirates are crying. Now this is how you have fun in space!!!! I bag my first pirate kill from my turret. “I got one, I got one!!!” I yell with all the enthusiasm of a young Luke Skywalker. Great Kid, don’t get cocky I hear in response. That is right before our tank blows up our own starship and death three emerges.

     Sigh…to all good things there must come an end. I didn’t learn how to mine. I didn’t learn how to make deliveries. I didn’t learn how to make any money. I didn’t even learn how to fly in a game that is all about flying!!! What I did do is have one of the best gaming nights of my life!!! The motto of the evening was that it isn’t what you know, it’s who you know. For my part, I know two of the suavest, fun-loving, smuggler, pirate, homicidal maniacs in the known universe…and I am all in on this game!!!

Yggdrasil5150, Nov 09, 2021

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