Lockdown - ICARUS


What could Icarus be? thought Xray. He peered down at the torn journal page unsure of where to go from here.

All he had now was a word; the systems were still down. Xray's instincts told him to search the ship database for any reference of Icarus but once again his attempts to try and access the ships systems were fruitless. The bridge, seemingly, was not receiving any power apart from lighting up the MFD's and scrolling the same ten sets of symbols across them. Dejected, Xray sat against the now silent server rack and in the lower bridge and contemplated where to go from here. Sliding his hand into his flight suit he found a single packet of Grim Hex's finest MRE - Beef Chunks. Letting out an amused scoff at the absurd situation he found himself in he ripped off the top of the packet and grabbed at the first piece of beef and once more started to think about how he was likely to get out of this situation.

"I just wish i knew what Icarus even m...." said Xray out loud not sure why he had resorted to talking to himself but on the word Icarus everything went black. "What now..." thought Xray about ready to give up at this point. Suddenly the bulkhead doors leading to the corridor slid back. Gingerly but speedily Xray made his way towards the doors not really knowing what to expect at this point. The corridor ahead of him was black and void of any shadowing. He thought that his eyes were playing tricks on him but Xray swore ahead of him a low fog appeared to lie just on the ground at the base of the medical bay doors. All the doors on the corridor were sealed shut; all but one. As Xray approached the captains quarters the door slid back revealing a fully lit and inviting captains office. Everything was in its place and the command console looked active although seemed to be flickering or flashing.

Making his way to the captains chair Xray's heart sank. Once again the familiar symbol was flashing on the command console, this time looking different to the MFDs in the cockpit but still distinctively the same symbol.

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Xray unzipped his flight suit about a quarter of the way down and slumped into his cushioned captain seat wiping the sweat from his brow. With nothing else to loose he placed a finger in the center of the flashing symbol. The screen went blank and suddenly a series of scrolling text appeared on the screen with four large sections to enter 4 numbers into.

The year... the birth of a titan...

Born to the clouds and born to slay a King...

Bringing its armory to behr it slayed it's enemies in Oberon and victory was secured..

The titan now slumbers...

Peering carefully at the words that appeared on his screen Xray stupidly put the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 into the space below the scrolling text. The lights in the captains quarters began to glow brighter, brighter, brighter still until Xray could no longer stand the brightness and suddenly a loud pop was heard and once again Xray was plunged into darkness. The cabin lights were broken, only the lights in the bookcase gave light to the rest of the room.

The birth of a titan?... clouds?.. Oberon?... A lot of this seemed familiar but Xray couldn't quite put his finger on exactly where he had seen this. Turning to the bookcase full of books of fables, legends, history he was sure the answer could be found in these books. Hours went by when suddenly Xray placed his hand on what would turn out to be the book that gave him the answer he needed...

Of Course....






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I think I've got it. DM'd

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Looks like I got it. A tip, focus on the lore of star citizen and dont fall for the same red herring I did!

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OH!!!! that one and only!

Bo Fone
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